********v2.3 [JUMPMAN] updates************
now runs on 9VDC Center NEGATIVE
can also run on 9V Battery for portability!
-current draw ~30-40mA = 12+ hours on a single battery.
added POWER Button

********NEW ***** VERSION 2.x updates & new features************
** added AUDIO INPUT passthru in ALL MODEs

** tweaked FILTER knobs & resonance. improved response. reduced noise when FILTER KILL engaged.

** changed GRAINSIZE & STRETCH response. wider and stretchier.

** attack & release envelopes (envelope times controlled by GRAIN (atk) & STRETCH (rel) KNOBs when GRAIN MODE is OFF.)

** added nu's scratch point looping when latched & acquainted nu w/ A/R envelopes

** added PUMP MODE - attack envelope continuously retriggers itself each period.
(hold/release REVERSE + RECORD -like nu's and cassette tape mode- to toggle on and off)
*if attack time = 0 and release time > 0 then release envelope will retrigger itself each period.

** added FREEZE Window Size Knob - (STRETCH KNOB when FREEZE MODE is ON)

** to accommodate their new multi functions, GRAIN & STRETCH Knobs operate in a CATCHUP fashion.

LATCHABLE in either MODEs like the rest

** added PATTERN RECORDER - records your button presses and plays/loops it back (up to 128 note ons&offs)
*FREEZE is disabled while using PATTERN RECORDER
// Tap RECORD once to enable REC then play your pattern on the BUTTONS (record starts on first button press)
(without pressing any BUTTONs, hit RECORD again to disable PATTERN RECORDER)
// Tap RECORD again (or if you reach max. 128 note) to store and start pattern playback
// Tap RECORD to retrigger playback from start - Hold RECORD to stop playback
// Hold RECORD for 1 sec to CLEAR pattern and disable PATTERN RECORDER

** lowered max sample rate to 10025 Hz (10.025 kHz) to free up cpu cycles for new features (more lofi! more sample time!)


ultra lofi arcade realtime sampler // granular (grain) device
& live audio dreamscape multi-effects unit

Handmade Audio Device. **high quality parts & wiring (22 AWG)
1/4" audio input & output & 1/8" audio input & output

comes with //
installed CR2032 cell battery
& collectible user guide printed on premium card stock

- 12-BIT ADC & DAC audio
- 4x sample pads. monophonic playback.
- 100% variable sample rate
- realtime sampling to SRAM
**(min 3.5 seconds of sample time PER PAD)
**(max 44 seconds of sample time PER PAD) **and everything in-between!
- high quality Sanwa arcade buttons
- USB or DC Powered
- fully customizable & programmable via USB & Arduino Software
- **included & installed** internal cell battery (CR2032) retains samples in memory when power is off
(battery backup can be turned on and off by holding GRAIN (off) or REVERSE (on) during power up.

for Guitar, Bass, Synth, Keyboard, Drum Machines, other Samplers, Microphones, etc. etc.
basically whatever you can plug in!

••DUAL HP/LP Filter
High Pass Frequency Cutoff
Low Pass Frequency Cutoff

Attack Envelope // Grain Size
Release Envelope // Grain Stretch // Freeze Window

Bit Resolution
Sample Rate

Audio Killswitch (this can be recorded into a sample, but has no effect during sample playback)
Grain Mode (activates Grain mode & Grain Size // Grain Stretch knobs)
Reverse/Filter Kill
Record/Sample Freeze
4x Sample Pad Buttons

GRAIN + RECORD button combo auto chops last played sample into 4 equal parts and spreads them across the 4 sample pad buttons

**CASSETTE TAPE MODE** SP/LP (Standard Play/Long Play)
GRAIN + REVERSE button combo unlocks random wow & flutter
SP/LP mode can be changed by holding SAMPLE 1 (SP) or SAMPLE 2 (LP) during power up.

by default, recording will not actually start until the input audio has reached a certain threshold.
this can be turned off by holding RECORD during power up.
the threshold can be changed by holding SAMPLE 3 or SAMPLE 4 during power up.

**all button power up settings are saved and stored into the device EEPROM and recalled every time you use LOFI DREAMs.

available @ etsy.com/shop/digdugDIY