TANOOKI SUIT (RCA) // 4 Channel Active Mixer Pedal // Killswitches // for Guitar Bass Synth Drum Machine Sampler Drone fx Kush vaporwavr

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// TANOOKI SUIT (RCA) + Battery
four channel active mixer pedal
4 independent volume knobs & mute/kills buttons for each channel

Handmade FX Pedal. *high quality parts & wiring
125B Enclosure size approx 4.7" x 2.7" x 1.5"

RCA inputs and outputs.
9VDC center negative DC Jack.
9V Battery Clip for portability. (9v is included)

large sized input caps **no low end loss.
for Guitar, Bass, Synth, Keyboard, Drum Machines, Samplers, Microphones, etc. etc.
basically whatever you can plug in

Knobs = Channel 1 - 4 Volumes
Buttons = Mute/Kill Input 1 - 4

• (side) Power Button - turn TANOOKI SUIT to stone (on)

buttons for stutters, drops, kills, mutes, etc.

see the last photo for user guide.

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