BALANCE (バランス) & RUIN (台無し) Dual 2x Fuzz FX Pedal for Guitar Bass Synth Drum Machine Sampler Heavy Ambient Instrument Lush Drone Kush

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BALANCE (バランス) & RUIN (台無し)
dual fuzz combo unit
two differently styled & totally independent fuzz circuits in one box.

BALANCE is a more harmonious fuzz.
while RUIN is a destroyer of worlds.

Handmade FX Pedal. *high quality parts & wiring (22 AWG)
Top Mounted Audio (4x) & Power Jacks.
1590XX enclosure size. approx 5.7" x 4.7" x 1.5"

each fuzz has its own controls, footswitch, and audio in/out jacks.
allows the user to have complete control over the routing of the two fuzzes in their signal chain.
put one at the beginning and one at the end or sandwich them wherever you like!
*if you want to run them into each other, simply run a patch cable between the two.

large sized input caps **no low end loss.
for Guitar, Bass, Synth, Keyboard, Drum Machines, Samplers, Microphones, etc. etc.
basically whatever you can plug in

••BALANCE (バランス)
Chakra = Fuzz
Vision = Volume
Clarity = Tone

••RUIN (台無し)
Melt = Fuzz/Sustain
Despair = Volume
Confusion = Tone
==RUIN TYPE Toggle Switch==
Financial (UP Position)
Emotion (DOWN Position)
*note that at certain settings RUIN will self-oscillate.

see the last photo for user guide.

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