Heavily Modded Nintendo Gameboy DMG // Grey Brick // Bivert Backlight // Prosound // Internal Sync Clock In/Out Bass Boost // nanoloop LSDJ

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Heavily Modded Original Nintendo Gameboy DMG
also comes with genuine gameboy carrying case, micro usb to gameboy power adapter,
and variable clock pcb from thursdaycustoms (not installed).

White // Blue-ish Biverted Backlight (super crispy and clear)
Prosound Mod (on stock headphone output)
Direct Out (for Nanoloop Mono only!! audio straight from cartridge port, bypasses gameboy amplifier (no noise added))
Internal Sync Input and Output for syncing gameboy to & from clock/click signals. no need for special modded link cables!
eg. (korg volca, pocket operators, modular clock, op1, etc)
(audio output from pro sound is connected to the Right (or Ring) of the Internal Sync Out jack)
(this allows you to send the audio & the sync signal together on one TRS cable, like the TE Pocket Operators do)
**LINK PORT still works as normal.
Bass Boost Mod (swapped capacitors for more low (subbass) end)
Large Decoupling Cap (reduces noise from gb power supply)
Passive RC Lowpass Filters on Prosound Out & Direct Out (further filters out more high pitched noise)

all mods were done by me with the utmost care. very clean!
this is probably the quietest gameboy from a noise perspective that you'll find!

great for Nanoloop or LSDJ or mGB , etc.

**cartridge not included

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