Gameboy > Analog Sync Cable Box+ // DMG & Pocket Color Advance GBA SP Link Ports // Volca Pocket Operator OP1 lsdj nanoloop modular eurorack

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Gameboy > Analog Sync Box +

**this one is different than the others in that it has an extra sync thru jack that is connected to the "sync in" headphone jack.

because theres lots of cool & inexpensive devices that utilize analog sync or click signals

Handmade. *high quality parts & wiring
3x 3.5mm (1/8") Headphone Jacks.
totally passive, no power required.
very small enclosure size. approx 2" x 1.33" x 0.5"
cable length is approx 10.5"

tempo sync your gameboy or gameboy advance (lsdj, nanoloop) to other gear
(korg volcas, op1, pocket operator, modular, etc etc.)

allows sync out to two other devices, or sync in to two gameboys plus sync thru to whatever else u might have.

2 link cables.
1 for OG DMG.
1 for GB Color, Pocket, Advance & GBA SP.
2 sync outputs
1 sync input
1 sync thru (passes sync signal from sync input)

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