All My Friends Are Beat Machines // 7x1 Passive Audio Mini Mixer & Splitter Analog Sync Headphone Jam Volca Pocket Operator OP1 Gameboy KUSH

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7x1 Passive Audio Mini Mixer & Splitter
Purple & Sky Blue housed in a genuine Nintendo Gameboy DMG-07 Multiplayer Enclosure.

because theres lots of cool & inexpensive devices now that want to jam together.

Handmade. *high quality parts & wiring
8x 3.5mm (1/8") Headphone Jacks.
totally passive, no power required.
size. approx 3" x 3" x 0.75"

a simple & small solution for easy mixing or splitting audio signals.
also great for splitting analog sync or click signals to sync multiple devices
(korg volcas, gameboy, op1, pocket operator, modular, etc etc.)

can be used as 7 inputs and 1 output (mixer).
or 1 input and 7 outputs (splitter).
*any free input can be used as an output for any 6x2, 5x3, 4x4 configuration.
(which is cool for jamming w/ a friend or multi output situation)

**the true output is the jack to the left of the circle cutout.
(only 1 side has a circle cutout, the other 3 sides are rectangle)

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